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One of the world's most elite vaporizer makers shrinks down the essential parts of their technology and incorporates it in this portable unit that is also a convection system just like its big brother, the Volcano.  The Crafty needs a grind on its herbal material for best effect.

With an app that also controls the temperature and lighting intensity, the Crafty gets high technology vaporizing correct. 

"There is a great deal of easy air draw on this unit.  Build quality feels like industrial plastic, and is very light in the hand.  The heat on the unit is negligible with a single use.  I think it takes a bit more of a grind on your material and perhaps a bit more material then the pax to achieve the same immediacy of results...but the flavor is well represented due to its convection nature...JJ, Owner of the Vapor Spot"

  • Precise temperature controls
  • A heat exchanger that’s highly efficient
  • Multifunction app with Bluetooth, wireless connectivity
  • Automatic off switch
  • Convection heating