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HEAD OF THE FDA MITCH ZELLER debates GREG CONLEY of the American Vaping Association. David Nazar mediates with hard hitting questions.  Some common sense perspective from california addiction counselor Father Jack as well in the post interview.  A MUST click!

E-cigarettes: Waiting To Exhale

LA is just one of many cities that has banned e-cigs from the same places that traditional tobacco cigarettes are not allowed. The fight is on between lawmakers who want vaping regulated-- and e-cigarette supporters who say the government is lying about the harmful benefits. We'll have an explanation of what electronic cigarettes do—and don’t do.

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E-Cigarettes: Health Hazard or Safe Way to Quit Smoking Tobacco?

E-cigarettes are already a $1.7 billion business that's growing fast. The Centers for Disease Control reports that some 10% of high school students have inhaled vapor produced by the electronic devices. They heat liquids that sometimes contain nicotine and sometimes don't. The FDA has not issued any regulations of e-cigarettes but the LA City Council has. Yesterday, Councilman Mitch O'Farrell called them "a very sinister product," and joined the rest of his colleagues in unanimous support of a measure by Paul Koretz, who joins us.

Bitcoin is beyond understanding, but e-cigs might be worth a try

A visit on Saturday to the Vapor Spot in Sherman Oaks made the "vaping" process seem as pleasant as wine-tasting or savoring a good cup of tea...


No smoke, but lots of fuming

Customers at the Vapor Spot in Los Angeles puff on electronic vaporizers in an environment that looks like a cross between a swanky bar and a pharmacy, with black-shirted staffers tending frosted-glass countertops and hundreds of dropper bottles of "e-juice" lined up on the shelves.

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Vaping Diaries #19: Interview With the Owner of The Vapor Spot

In October, I stopped by The Vapor Spot, a vapor bar in Los Angeles. The bar lets vapers try out different hardware and e-liquids. Many people buy their gear and juices online, often relying on message boards and reviews for information. While recommendations can be really useful, nothing beats being able to try out different vaping devices and sample different juices with your own mouth. This is what The Vapor Spot offers...


The Vapor Spot's 'Etta' eLiquid Review

This flavor caught my eye on social media on March 20, when The Vapor Spot first posted on Facebook it as a new addition to their lineup. I had never tried ANY Vapor Spot flavor before, but The Vapor Spot shops and culture look awesome (Vaporlesque 420 anyone?) and the profile seemed to match my taste to a ‘T’. “Honeydew Banana” is what the bottle says – two of my favorite combined, I had to try it!

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