Welcome to the Vapor Spot!  Our Vapor Bars were created to offer a true lifestyle choice where a simple hobby like vaping can lead to a whole new world of flavor.

We are the first retail vape shop open since 2010. We offer the most flavorful, effective, and efficient Vaporizer technology.  Our unique retail environment combines an upscale technology shopping experience with the nightlife of a bar.  Hundreds of flavors are available for an unlimited vapor tasting of only $1 a visit. Our Bartenders are the best in the business, able to help even the most jaded vaper or stubborn smoker.

We've converted tens of thousands to the art of Vapor.  We have the best intro in the business.  We care about your daily choice and want you to have the best.  No hype.  No fads.  Just solid devices and solid flavors using the highest quality available in the world. Please allow us a chance to introduce YOU to a new world flavor.