Vapor Spot Classics

The Vapor Spot has been making some of the world's best e-liquids for over 6 years.  Fads in e-liquids come and go, but there is something reassuring about the calm and collected coolness that goes with these Vapor Spot CLASSICS e-liquids.  Created to satisfy every need in the vaping flavor spectrum, the flavors range from tobaccos, to desserts, to amazing fruit blends and more.  Our current top seller is Clapton, a vanilla cream that has been an all day vape for thousands.  What about the West Coast cool mint of Miles?  Mingus is the newest liquid with rave reviews.  Bird is a sweet and tart Kiwi, Ray is a sweet Georgia Peach, and herbie is the world's best watermelon.
Cue up each flavor and stream some iconic music to pair with each flavor profile.  You'll understand what we were listening to as created each one.  Can you dig it?  Can you feel what we are laying down?
 So watch as fads come and go...the CLASSICS will never go out of style at The Vapor Spot.