Every month your picks will be sent making sure that no matter what happens....You'll always have your Vapor Spot Liquids!  We have cut the pricing to rock bottom deals of only $13.33 per bottle when you choose 3. thats three 60ml bottles or 30ml salts...MIX and MATCH any combo of 3 products. The best part is YOU get to pick the box each month.  No one is guessing what flavors you like.  NO more "curated" lists of overstocked clearance juice like other subscription boxes.  You are in the drivers seat. Also as long as you make the monthly cutoff date, you can alter your order to try new flavors and nic strengths. 

The box really shines for our clients of ten years that have found their all day vape liquid with us. Our subscription box is the most convenient way to get our products in your perfect configuration. Every month delivered to your doorstep.

This box is full of surprises...we hope you join us as we continue our evolution online.


3 for $39.95 Subscription Box

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